Property in Bulgaria is the right choice. Find out why.

Property in BulgariaWithin last twenty years Bulgaria became one of the most popular countries where citizens of different countries invest buying property. It is popular among the tourists. The choice is based on following advantages of Bulgaria:

  • Good, very soft climate with a short winter and a comfortable summer;
  • Beautiful nature which combines high mountains sometimes very similar to the legendary Alps and a wonderful sea;
  • Rich history, authentic traditions, archaeological, historic, cultural memorials;
  • Low prices for the property in Bulgaria, services, goods and food.

This country and the nature seems to completely comply with an ancient legend. The God  decided to split the whole land on the planet between all the people. Everyone came, but the Bulgarians. They were too busy working in a field. When they eventually came to the God, there was no free land, just a small piece He wanted to save for Himself. Having highly appreciated the hard work and the zeal of the Bulgarians, the God gave them this piece of  land in the very center of the Balkan peninsula.

Today Bulgaria is perfect for holidays and vacations in any time of the year. It actively develops all kinds of tourism. The services here are attractive and affordable.

Anyone who would choose to invest in the property in Bulgaria or come here for a vacation, would easily find an interesting option. In summer  it is exciting to visit well maintained and cared resorts in the Black sea coast. The beaches here are sandy and very beautiful. In winter one can enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding in Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko. There are ski slopes of different complicity. In spring and autumn it is nice to see the historical, archaeological, natural sites. All around the year it is possible to spend a good time in the mineral sources, SPA and balneologic centers.

One more popular direction for a vacation in Bulgaria is hunting and fishing. Over 50 hunting enterprises offer great hunting possibilities. Only in the territory of Bulgaria one can find 7 of 10 necessary trophy for each professional hunter. Fishing is also very popular. There are plenty of rivers, ponds and of course the Black sea where one can enjoy the hobby.

Citizens of any country will enjoy communication with local people. Bulgarians are very friendly and hospitable people. Unfortunately sometimes the foreigners do not understand them. And indeed it might be difficult – when the Bulgarians want to say “no”, they shake their heads from side to side.

Почему именно недвижимость в Болгарии

Advantages of buying property in Bulgaria

Since the 1st of January 2007 Bulgaria became a full right member of the European Union. Since this date the demand for the property is stably high. The prices started growing, but in 2008 when the world crisis hit the Bulgarian economics, they went down. The stable price increase started in 2012. At the same time prices for the agricultural land started growing up – there was a double increase.

Today the advantages of the property in Bulgaria are:

  • Low prices per m2 for apartments as well as houses;
  • The lowest property taxes in Europe;
  • Hospitality as a national feature, low criminal level;
  • Many SPA-centers, mineral sources, sanatoriums; 
  • Good quality of the food at affordable prices;
  • Good ecological situation;
  • Membership in European Union;
  • Good possibilities for business.

Purchase of the property in Bulgaria is very popular among the foreigners. There is a big diaspora of Englishmen in Sarafovo (Burgas). Citizens of Germany, England, Israel buy apartments and houses in Burgas, Pomorie, small villages in the Black sea, mountainous districts, in the center of Bulgaria. People live here all around the year, give their apartments for rent, spend vacations here.  

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