What is Act 16 for the property in Bulgaria?

Act 16The each step of the building construction in Bulgaria is completed with signing special construction documents called Act 14, Act 15. The final document is Act 16. This is the the document which confirms that the building is completely ready. All the works are completed, the building is allowed to be used, everything is ready for life.

Can property in Bulgaria be purchased without Act 16?

Act 14 is a document confirming that the main constructive parts are completed. There are no windows, doors, electricity, water, etc.

Act 15 is a document issued after the building is ready for use, but there is no legal basis to use it.

The property in Bulgaria without Act 16 can be purchased only from the well known verified builders. The purchase contract must include a clause regarding the responsibility of the builder for not getting Act 16 in time.

It is not paying the whole value of the contract at once. Better use payment terms, such as: 30% downpayment, 30% upon receiving Act 15, 20% – before Act 16 and the rest 20% upon receiving Act 16.

If the builder is reliable, the agreement for payment terms will be achieved!

Do not buy the property in Bulgaria yourself! 

There were cases when the buyers were deceived by property sellers. All the liabilities must be described in a sales contract. To be sure in the deal, ask specialists for an assistance.

What is an Act 16 in Bulgaria?

What is an Act 16 in Bulgaria?

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