An average value of the utility bills in Bulgaria

Utility bills in BulgariaLike in the whole world, one must regularly pay utility bills in Bulgaria. This includes paying for electricity, water, common places. The final amount depends on several factors, including quantity of residents and an area of the property in Bulgaria. The article provides an approximate calculation of utility bills for a family of 2 persons living in an average Bulgarian apartment.

Electricity in Bulgaria

The utility bills in Bulgaria for electricity depend on how much power is spent for cooking, heating, hot water, other applications. The negative point is that heating is mainly electrical. At the same time Bulgaria has a soft climate. The winter does not last longer than 3 months. The average winter temperature is about 1-5 degrees C.

The costs increase because of the work of the air conditioners. In the apartments, houses they are turned on all around the year. In the hot weather for cooling the air, in the winter – for heating it up. 

The price of the electricity  is different in the day and night time. The current utility bill in Bulgaria includes costs based on 0,22238 Leva during the day, 0,12636 Leva during the night. These numbers include VAT.  In average it is 1,8 Euro per 1 kWt

One can find an apartment or a house connected to gas, but this is very rare in Bulgaria. It is not used even in the villages where people prefer electricity to make living conditions more comfortable. In some of the districts wood is used for heating. 

Utility bills in Bulgaria – water

Payments for using water in Bulgaria totally depend on the individual consumption.

The utility bills on Bulgaria include water consumption. The current price of the cold drinking water is 1,399 Leva (71 euro cent) per 1 m2, including VAT.

Payment for utility bills in Bulgaria

Payment for utility bills in Bulgaria

If the family lives in a regular residential building, it needs to pay for maintenance of the common areas. The amount is not high, and rarely increase 10 Leva (5 Euro) per month.

What are the average costs for water and electricity in Bulgaria? Taking into account air conditioners, electrical stoves, boilers and refrigerators, a family consisting of 2 persons and living in a two-room 60 m2 apartment would pay for electricity and cold water about 60-70 Euro a month. In the summer these costs may go down, in the winter – go up.

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