What does “turnkey” construction in Bulgaria mean?

Строительство под ключ в БолгарииThe term “turnkey” in Bulgaria means that the construction of a residential or non-residential Bulgarian building is completely completed – the roof is built, the walls are plastered, the floor is covered, the windows are installed, the doors are installed, the house has sewage, the house is electrified and much more.

"Turnkey" construction in Bulgaria

“Turnkey” construction in Bulgaria

Apartments in the new residential buildings erected in Bulgaria are often sold without any internal repair. There are no internal doors, no laminate, tiles on the floor. The walls and the ceiling are not painted. Such apartments have a low price and allow the future tenants to independently choose colors and materials for the repair.

The “turnkey” construction means that the apartment or a house is practically ready for move in. There is no furniture, but all the internal works are complete. One does not need to paint the walls, ceilings, put laminate or tiles on the floor. Usually bathrooms have a boiler, a toilet bowl, a sink, a shower cabin.

Such apartments are more expensive. “Turnkey” construction in Bulgaria became popular in 2014 when more and more foreigners started buying property in Bulgaria

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