How to get permanent residence permit in Bulgaria

Как получить ПМЖ в БолгарииAnyone who lives in Bulgaria based on a temporary residence permit, for more than 5 years, can get a permanent residence permit.  To get it one just needs to apply with one of the terms describes in the article 25 of the Law of the foreigners in Republic Bulgaria. After receiving the permanent residence permit, you can be become closer to become the citizen of this country.

Advantages of the residence permit in Bulgaria

First of all, this status allows to enter Bulgaria without any obstacles and permanently live here. No visa is required. This also gives a right to work in this country. After 5 years life in Bulgaria with the status of permanent residence permit, one can apply for getting a Bulgarian citizenship.

The permanent residence permit gives a right to use a free medicine, to get a pension. Your children can go to kindergarten, school or university free of charge. Having this permit one can get a Schengen visa without an invitation or a travel voucher.

Who can pretend on getting a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria?

Citizens of other countries can pretend on getting a permanent residence permit in following cases:

  • they have Bulgarians as close members of their families (the origin will need to be proved);
  • they are married to a person (a foreigner as well) who has lived in Bulgaria for more than 5 years;
  • they have lived in Bulgaria for more than 5 years on a legal status;
  • they are parents of a Bulgarian citizen (the permanent residence permit will only be approved if the parents cover all the costs of the child);
  • invested in the company registered in Bulgaria, whose stocks are traded in a regulated market;
  • were born in Bulgaria, but are not the citizens of this country;
  • lost Bulgarian citizenship per any reason;
  • have been born or lived in Bulgaria since 1998 года or those who have one of the parents marries here;
  • work in this country.

The children who were born in Bulgaria, can pretend on a permanent residence status, if they were abandoned by their parents.

How to get permanent residence permit in Bulgaria

How to get permanent residence permit in Bulgaria

About investments and a right to get a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria

Only the citizens of other countries who have invested 2 000 000 Euro in the development of Bulgaria or increased their investments to this amount can pretend on getting a permanent residence permit.

This can be down in one of the following ways:

  • by means of the stocks of Bulgarian commercial companies who trade on a Bulgarian stock exchange;
  • by means of the bonds  who are to be paid off in more than  half a year;
  • in stocks of Bulgarian companies which belong to the government or municipality;
  • by purchasing stocks of a Bulgarian company with participation of the governmental capital for more than 50%;
  • by investing in the credit company of Bulgarua for more than 5 years irrespective to whether it is a bank or a microfinancial organization;
  • purchasing rights per concession rights in Bulgaria;
  • investing in Bulgarian intellectual property (objects of the aauthors’ rights protected with an invention patent, trading marks, service marks, industrial design)

The citizen of another country who wants to get a permanent residence permit must open not less than 50 working places. The investments in buying new actives must be not less than 2 000 000 Euro.

Several years ago (in 2012) changes were made in the Law of encouraging investments. Not the citizen of another country investing in a Bulgarian company more than 500 000 Euro has a right to get a citizenship of this country. However there is one comments – the citizenship can only be got if this person lived not less than one year in this country.

One can invest the amount necessary to obtain permanent residence by investing in securities of this country (government securities) or in a bank under a trust agreement. This option is quite attractive as you not only will get a permanent residence permit, but also will get an interest. This option attracts many investors also because if you invest half a million Euro and in one year will invest the same amount, you will get a Bulgarian citizenship.

How quickly the application will be considered?

The authorities take 60 calendar days for a decision regarding granting a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria.

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