How to get a Bulgarian visa. Documents for visiting Bulgaria

Как получить болгарскую визуEven owning the property in Bulgaria, you can’t come here without a visa. To form this document, you need to apply to the Embassy of Republic Bulgaria which is located in the majority of capitals of the other countries.  One can apply for a visa visa travel center or a special visa center. Also check maybe, you do not need a visa at all.

What documents are required for a short-time visit to Bulgaria?

A package of the documents for the adult includes:

  • two applications for a permission to enter Bulgaria;
  • colorful pictures 3,5х4,5 см (they need to be attached to the application forms);
  • a passport which allows to travel abroad (it should be valid not less than 3 months after the last date of the trip);
  • two copies of the first page of the passport for travelling abroad;
  • a copy of the last Bulgarian or a Schengen visa if available;
  • an insurance policy and its copy (the medical insurance should be formed before the trip. It is necessary).

In case if a child under 18 years old is going to Bulgaria with one of the parents, the main package of the documents should also include a notary permission for the trip from the second parent. The children under 6 years old get a visa free of charge.

In case the foreigner has a valid Schengen visa, it is not necessary to get a Bulgarian visa (this law has been in effect since the 25th of January 2012). If the applicant does not work (a child, a pensioner, a student, an unemployed adult), he/ she must provide a document confirming availability of the finances for the trip. If it is sponsored by any of the working relatives, an income reference from their job must be provided.

When entering Bulgaria, one must be required to fill up a special card indicating the purpose of the visit and the address.

How to get a Bulgarian visa

What documents are required for a long term stay in Bulgaria?

In this case some more documents in the addition to the indicated list must be provided:

  1. A document confirming reasons for getting visa D. This can be:
  • a work permit;
  • a document confirming that you own the real estate in Bulgaria;
  • a document confirming education in Bulgaria;
  • a document confirming that you a member of the Bulgarian family or of the family of a foreigner who lives in this country on a legal basis (in this case documents about his legal status and documents confirming relationship must be provided as well).
  1. Documents confirming that you have financial ability to cover your costs in Bulgaria. This might be a contract with a company who  can guarantee the will pay all your accounts. Also this can be some notary confirmed application from a person who is ready to provide a financial support.

If a work is a reason of your trip to Bulgaria, you need to provide a working contract with the company which works in Bulgaria.

If you plan to come to the relatives, you should provide a document  confirming your relationship.

Owning the property, prove it with the corresponding documents.

The representative of the Embassy might require some additional documents for getting a Bulgarian visa. It depends on the circumstances and the facts.

Bulgarian visa D allows to stay in Bulgaria for 180 days. A period of staying in the country granted by visa C might be different and depend on the circumstances.

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