Questions and answers about real estate in Bulgaria

Frequently asked questions and answers about buying property in Bulgaria. How much is property in Bulgaria, what is Act 16, how to buy land in Bulgaria, etc.

What property in Bulgaria can foreigners buy?

Property in Bulgaria for foreign citizensForeigners can buy any type of property in Bulgaria. This includes apartments, penthouses, houses, shops, offices, etc. However foreign citizens may not buy a land or forests. It is forbidden by the Bulgarian legislation.

How much does the property in Bulgaria cost?

Prices for apartments and houses in BulgariaAn average price of the apartment in Bulgaria is 700-800 per square meter.

Apartments in Bulgaria  from a builder on a step of the construction can be bought at 550-650 Euro per a square meter.

History of Bulgaria. In short about the most important points!

BulgariaToday’s Bulgaria more than 3000 years ago was inhabited by numerous Thracian tribes, representing an ancient people living in the east of the Balkans. The most famous of the tribes were the Odriss and Besses.

All the Thracians in the 5th century were united into the Kingdom of Odris, which was subordinated to the Romans at the beginning of the 2nd century. Its territory became part of the provinces of Moesia and Thrace, as well as Lesser Scythia. The whole territory of Bulgaria is simply covered with tombs of wealthy Thracians – in 3000 found tombs there were household utensils and things for life in the afterlife, which are supposedly useful to the deceased, were found.