Questions and answers about real estate in Bulgaria

Frequently asked questions and answers about buying property in Bulgaria. How much is property in Bulgaria, what is Act 16, how to buy land in Bulgaria, etc.

What does “turnkey” construction in Bulgaria mean?

Строительство под ключ в БолгарииThe term “turnkey” in Bulgaria means that the construction of a residential or non-residential Bulgarian building is completely completed – the roof is built, the walls are plastered, the floor is covered, the windows are installed, the doors are installed, the house has sewage, the house is electrified and much more.

What is an expanded built-up area in Bulgaria?

Expanded built-up area in BulgariaThe expanded built-up area is a sum of areas of all the floors of one building. For instance, there is a two store building in Bulgaria. The area of the first floor is 100 m2. The area of the second floor is also 100 m2. In this case the expanded built-up area of this Bulgarian house is 100+100=200 m2.

What taxes and fees are to be paid when buying property in Bulgaria?

Налог и сбор при покупке недвижимости в БолгарииWhen buying property in Bulgaria, it is necessary to pay following taxes and fees:

A notary fee – the amount is determined per the tariffs identified with a Bulgarian Notary Law. Depends on the value indicated to be indicated in the Notary Act.

What are the utility bills in Bulgaria?

Utility bills in Bulgaria

The utility bills in Bulgaria include electricity, water, repair costs, a maintenance fee.

current electricity tariff for the population in Bulgaria is 0,22 Leva/ 1 kWt during a daytime and 0,12 Leva/ 1 kWt during a nighttime, including VAT. This is about 12 and 7 Eurocent correspondingly.

The cold drinking water tariff for the population in Bulgaria is  1,39 Leva (0,75 Eurocent)/ 1 m2, including VAT.

How can a pensioner get a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria?

Temporary residence permit for pensionersBefore getting a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria, the pensioner needs to get a visa “D”. Based on this visa, he/ she may enter the country and apply for a temporary residence permit in the migration office.

See the documents required.

What rights do the owners of the property have?

Buying property in BulgariaThe owners of the property (an apartment, a house) in Bulgaria has a right for a 3-year multi-entry visa to Bulgaria (this is the longest in the European Union) validity. If the owner gets this visa, he/ she can stay in Bulgaria for 6 months/ year (in total 180 days within 3 years).