Questions and answers about real estate in Bulgaria

Frequently asked questions and answers about buying property in Bulgaria. How much is property in Bulgaria, what is Act 16, how to buy land in Bulgaria, etc.

How to get permanent residence permit in Bulgaria

Как получить ПМЖ в БолгарииAnyone who lives in Bulgaria based on a temporary residence permit, for more than 5 years, can get a permanent residence permit.  To get it one just needs to apply with one of the terms describes in the article 25 of the Law of the foreigners in Republic Bulgaria. After receiving the permanent residence permit, you can be become closer to become the citizen of this country.

Frequently asked questions about property in Bulgaria

The most frequently asked questions about property in Bulgaria:

  1. What is the price of the property in Bulgaria?

Questions about property in Bulgaria

Property in Bulgaria becomes more and more popular with each year. It is no wonder that the question about different types of apartments and houses in Republic Bulgaria becomes more actual. The average price of one square meter is 700-800. The cheapest options in small towns with weekly developed infrastructure far away from the sea might cost just Euro 250-300/ m2. The apartments in the center of Sofia and on the first sea line would be much more expensive: Euro 1400-1500 евро. This is the price for will equipped apartments with a high-quality furniture and a wonderful seaview.

What are the life monthly costs in Bulgaria?

Monthly costs in BulgariaBulgaria today is one of the best countries for a permanent life of the people  who have a stable passive income. The average pensions and the salaries are quite low. This helps to keep the prices to be the lowest in the European Union. So any stable passive income – a pension or an income received from renting an apartment might be sufficient to have a nice life in Bulgaria.

An average value of the utility bills in Bulgaria

Utility bills in BulgariaLike in the whole world, one must regularly pay utility bills in Bulgaria. This includes paying for electricity, water, common places. The final amount depends on several factors, including quantity of residents and an area of the property in Bulgaria. The article provides an approximate calculation of utility bills for a family of 2 persons living in an average Bulgarian apartment.

What are the costs of buying the property in Bulgaria

Taxes and fees for buying property in BulgariaBulgaria becomes one of the most popular places where the foreigners buy property. That is why we often see questions about what are the additional costs connected with a purchase of the property in this sunny and hospitable country ?

What are the additional costs of buying a property in Bulgaria? Нow complicated and expensive is the process of buying a property in Bulgaria?  The article includes answers for all these questions.

What are the types of the apartments in Bulgaria

Виды апартаментов в БолгарииMany factors are taken into account, when the price of the property in Bulgaria and the costs the buyer is ready to pay for an apartment are being determined. One of the key characteristics of apartments in Bulgaria is a total area.

In Bulgaria this feature is calculated based on the Law “About the rules and the norms of arranging the territory” (Decree № 7). The document was accepted in 2003. Since that the total area of the apartments in Bulgaria consists of two parts.