What are the life monthly costs in Bulgaria?

Monthly costs in BulgariaBulgaria today is one of the best countries for a permanent life of the people  who have a stable passive income. The average pensions and the salaries are quite low. This helps to keep the prices to be the lowest in the European Union. So any stable passive income – a pension or an income received from renting an apartment might be sufficient to have a nice life in Bulgaria.

Within the last several years big supermarkets belonging to international networks were open in the major cities and towns of Bulgaria. They offer attractive goods and prices and help the market stick to the high quality at affordable prices. This also helps keep the monthly costs in Bulgaria low.

These are some average prices:

  • One kilogram of cheese is 6 Euro;
  • The bread is about 0,5 Euro;
  • One liter of milk is 1 Euro;
  • The package of 6 eggs is 0,8 Euro;
  • One kg of rice or pasta is 1 Euro;
  • Chicken is about 3 Euro per one kilogram;
  • Pork is about 3,5-4,5 Euro per one kilogram.

A great bonus is a low price for seasonable fruits and vegetables.

Monthly costs in Bulgaria

Monthly costs in Bulgaria

So, what are the monthly costs in Bulgaria? In average the life costs in Bulgaria per one person do not increase 250 Euro.

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