How to get temporary residence permit

ВНЖ в БолгарииA residence permit in Bulgaria is a document which allows to stay in Bulgaria for a long time. During first 5 years of living in this country one may get only a temporary residence permit valid for 1 year. After that a residence permit is issued for 5 years. Eventually having received a permanent permit, one can live and work in Bulgaria. There is no need to prolong a right to stay here on an annual basis.

If you live in Bulgaria for more than 5 years, you have a possibility to apply for a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria.  To keep the status, it is necessary to stay in Bulgaria at least half a year and one day in a duration of the period for which the permit was issued.

One should note that if the foreigner owns property in this country, it does not give him a right to get a residence permit. The only exclusion are the pensioners.

The citizens of other countries who want to buy property in Bulgaria, have a possibility to get a 36 months multivisa. The advantage of this document is that it allows the foreigner to stay in the territory of Bulgaria for 180 days a year. Upon validity expiration one can get a new multivisa.

All the citizens of RF who have a Schengen visa, but does not have a national visa, may visit Bulgaria.

There is one important moment – the foreigners with a temporary residence permit can not buy a land in Bulgaria for their names. Only the citizen of Bulgaria or a legal entity registered in this country may do it.

What are the advantages of a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria?

Having a temporary residence permit you can:

  1. To manage your own business in European Union. This privilege is actual for those who is going to extend their business. The reason for doing business in Bulgaria is the lowest profit tax (10%).
  2. To get an education. The education in Bulgaria is considered to be one of the best – this was admitted by different countries of the world.  The other advantage is that the education here is not expensive As for the schools, they are completely free for foreigners.
  3. To get medical  assistance.
  4. To buy a car. Having a temporary residence permit, you can buy a car and drive it any country without customs clearance and paying customs duties.

What is required to get a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria?

To move to Bulgaria, one needs to get a special status. It is required even if you dot not plan to live here, but just want to come here frequently. So, to get a temporary residence permit, it is required to provide:

  • a passport – the validity time should be not less than 1,5 years;
  • a reference that you were not sued and did not violate the EU laws (criminal record certificate);
  • two pictures 3,5х4,5.

To get visa D which is a basis for receiving the temporary residence permit, one needs to provide a document which confirms availability of the living premises in Bulgaria. It can be a regular rental contract.

More documents might be required for receiving a temporary residence permit. The exact list depends on reason why you want to live in Bulgaria.

Where to get a criminal record certificate?

You can get this certificate in the internal affairs department or in police. The certificate must indicate that you have never been sued, nor that you have open criminal cases. Before submitting the certificate to the embassy, it must be translated.

Now we will talk about some of the clauses of the Law of the foreigners in Bulgaria related to the subject of this article.

How to get a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria

The law about the foreigners in Bulgaria

Article 9

The category of the visa issued for a foreigner depends on the purpose:

  • А – airport transit;
  • С – travelling visa, multivisa;
  • D – if the foreigner plans to stay in the country for a long time.

Article 15

Visa D is issued for 6 months, so it allows the foreigner to be in Bulgaria for 180 days. As a rule those people who plan to live in Republic Bulgaria for a long time or move here and eventually to receive a permanent residence permit receive this type of visa

The long time visa can also be issued for 360 days. This permission is issued for the following foreigners:

  • university students or those people who participate in exchange programs;
  • people on business trips (only those whose work is connected with tourism in Bulgaria);
  • conduct scientific researches;
  • those who were sent to Bulgaria by an employer to invest in the economics of this country.

It is important to know that within the visa validity the foreigner may come to the country and leave it as often as required.

Article 23

According to the law, the foreigner may stay in the territory of Bulgaria for 3 months since crossing the border. This rule is valid if the purpose of stay is a short time visit.

Если на руках у гражданина другой страны виза, выданная на продолжительное время, он может находиться на территории Болгарии не более одного года.

Под долгосрочным пребыванием подразумевают, что иностранец на законных основаниях проживаете в Болгарии более пяти лет. При необходимости срок пребывания можно продлить.

Статья 24 или, какие существуют основания для выдачи ВНЖ в Болгарию

Такое разрешение смогут получить те, кто ранее уже успешно оформлял визу. Также данный документ смогут получить те, кто:

  • планируют работать трудовому договору с разрешением Министерства по труду и соц. Политике;
  • на территории Болгарии законно занимается коммерческой деятельностью, и открыли более 10 рабочих мест;
  • работают в соответствии с международными договорами;
  • кто имеет причины/основания, по которым им будет дозволено пребывать в Болгарии;
  • состоят в браке с гражданином Болгарии или с иностранцем, который более пяти лет проживает в этой стране на законных основаниях;
  • получил аккредитацию в данной стране и является журналистом иностранных СМИ;
  • является членом Болгарской семьи;
  • являются частью семьи иностранца, который получил ПМЖ;
  • является представителем компании, которая зарегистрирована на территории Болгарии;
  • лечится в Болгарии и имеет на это средства;
  • является пенсионером и располагает бюджетом для проживания в данной стране;
  • являются родителями иностранца, который оформил ПМЖ в этой стране или же живет в гражданском браке с тем, у кого имеется разрешение на продолжительное пребывание в Болгарии;
  • имеет статус защиты согласно Закону о борьбе с трафиком людей.

Чтобы оформить ВНЖ необходимо:

  • быть обеспеченным жильем в Болгарии;
  • иметь мед. страховку (следует отметить, что у страховки должно быть покрытие в 30000 евро и она должна действовать в данной стране);
  • располагать финансовыми средствами в размере не менее минимальной зарплаты в Болгарии (около 158 евро) или минимальной пенсии (77 евро) на весь период проживания в Болгарии.

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