Facts about Bulgaria and property in Bulgaria

Facts about property in BulgariaBefore buying property in Bulgaria, it is important to find out more about the country, way of life here as well as about the property and several habits of the local people.

About the property in Bulgaria

These facts will be especially useful for those who want to know as much as possible about Bulgaria, plans to buy real estate or a land here. It is nice to know demand for what kind of apartments exist, how many people live in the cities and how many – in the villages, how well agriculture, industry and business are developed. These facts will help make some conclusions.


  • based on the 2011 information, in Bulgaria there are  3 887 076 apartments;
  • low-rise construction prevails. 62% of the residential buildings have up to 4 floors; 11% are five store buildings with ceilings up to 3 m, 27% are the living buildings with over 6 floors;
  • the average price of the apartment in 2012 was 881 leva per 1 m2;
  • the average price of the apartment in Burgas, Varna, Sofia and plovdiv is 720 Euro per 1 m2;
  • 18% of all the apartments are in panel houses (about 707 000 apartments). The latest tendency is to build residential buildings using bricks;
  • 96,9% of the population has their own apartment or a house;
  • the most demanded are one and two bedroom apartments, but not studiosе;
  • 38% of all the apartments located in the cities have one bedroom;
  • 31,5% of all the apartments located in the cities have two bedrooms;
  • 66,5% of all the family houses in the villages have two and more bedrooms;
  • the average useful living area in the cities is 65 m2;
  • the average useful area in the family houses in the villages is 62,5 m2;
  • the average area per one person is 33,5 m2;
  • less than 0,02%  of all the living premises in Bulgaria does not have electricity;
  • the trading area per 1000 citizens is 105 m2;
  • 37 000 000 000 m2 in Bulgaria are agricultural lands;
  • more than 5 000 000 people own the land (71,5% of the population).

About Bulgaria

These are some economic, geographical, political facts about Bulgaria:

  • the official name is the Republic Bulgaria;
  • foundation date: the year 681 a.d.;
  • Sofia is a capital of the country as of today. There are 1, 5 mln people in this city;
  • the biggest cities are Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse;
  • the biggest town in the Black sea are Varna and Burgas;
  • the area of the country is 111 000 m2, it is the 5th country in the world per the area;
  • from the North it has a common border with Romania, from the West – with Serbia and Macedonia, from the South – with turkey and Greece, from the East it is washed with the waters of the Black sea;
  • the coastal line is as long as 354 km;
  • the Musala pike is the highest point in the country (2925 m over the sea level);
  • the lowest point is the Black sea coast (0 m);
  • Bulgaria was on the 96th place per the population in the world;
  • the average life duration is 74 years;
  • density of the population is 66 persons per 1 km2;
  • the majority of the population is Orthodox. About 30% are Muslims. There are ;
  • time difference: UTC +2;
  • the 1st of March is a national holiday, it is a day when Bulgaria got freedom from the ottoman governance. On the 25th and the 26the of December the Bulgarians celebrate Christmas, on the 1st of January – a New year. Other holidays are: Easter, 6th of May (the Army day), the 24th of May (Day of the the Slavic writing), the 6th of September (the Union Day), the 22nd of September (the Independence Day);
  • since 01.01.2007 Bulgaria has become a member of teh European Union;
  • currency: 1 Leva which is equal to 100 stotinki, 1 Euro = 1,95 Leva;
  • the GDP in 2011 was 101 bln $;
  • the GDP per one Bulgarian citizen in 2011 was 13 800 $;
  • the country debt is 16% of the GDM (2011);
  • the minimum salary is 310 Leva, the minimum pension is 150 Leva (2011 data);
  • more than half of the population uses Internet (2011 data);
  • Internat domain: bg(.eu);
  • telephone code: +359.

Facts about Bulgaria and property in Bulgaria

The interesting facts about Bulgaria

If you plan to visit Bulgaria or even stay here to live, these are some interesting facts about the country:

  • Bulgaria is on the 3rd place in Europe after Greece and Italy per the quantity of the archaeological memorials;
  • on the territory of Varna, one of the biggest Bulgarian towns the most ancient processed gold was found, it is dated 5000 years b.d.;
  • the country is on the 2nd place in Europe per the quantity of the mineral sources (Iceland is the first);
  • Bulgaria and Denmark are the countries who actively participated in saving Jews within the Holocaust, and they were successful.

Do you know that:

  • the Bulgarian folk song «Излел е Дельо хайдутин» was sent to the space as a message to the alien mind;
  • Bulgarians are the only people who shake their heads from side to side to say “yes”, and up and down to say “no”;
  • the modest bagpipes is a national musical instrument for Bulgarians,  Irishs and Scotts.

To find more about Bulgaria, one needs to visit this country, to meet local people, to learn about their habits and traditions.

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