What are the types of the apartments in Bulgaria

Виды апартаментов в БолгарииMany factors are taken into account, when the price of the property in Bulgaria and the costs the buyer is ready to pay for an apartment are being determined. One of the key characteristics of apartments in Bulgaria is a total area.

In Bulgaria this feature is calculated based on the Law “About the rules and the norms of arranging the territory” (Decree № 7). The document was accepted in 2003. Since that the total area of the apartments in Bulgaria consists of two parts.

This law is related to absolutely  all the property in Bulgaria irrespective to the purpose of its use. The first part of the calculations depend on the area of the apartment itself. The second part depends on the share of the common parts of the building related to this very apartment.

When the calculation is made, the external perimeter of the living area is taken into account. This includes:

  • a bathroom;
  • a corridor;
  • a balcony;
  • all the living rooms;
  • half of thickness of the external walls of the building.

All these parts of the apartments are related to a living or a clean area.

The common area includes:

  • facade walls;
  • staircases;
  • hall;
  • an attic and a basement.

The common area may include also other parts of the building outside the apartment. They can be equal to about 12-25% of the common area of the apartment.

The area of all the premises outside the apartments is summed up and split by the number of the apartments. The received indicator is used for calculation of  the total area of the specific apartment and an amount of the maintenance fee.

Types of the apartments in Bulgaria

What apartments are available in Bulgaria? The variance mainly depend on how big they are and whether there are separate rooms.

There are following types of apartments in Bulgaria:

  1. A Studio. It is a one room apartment usually as big as 20-45 m2. A bedroom, as kitchen and a hall are in one room. It is necessary to have a bathroom, while a corridor or a balcony may be absent. This apartment suits for one-two persons.
  2. A one bedroom apartment. It consists of a bedroom, a dining room with a kitchen, a bathroom. The apartment has a balcony or a veranda with a small yard. Some variants have corridors. The average area of the apartment is 40-60 m2. Up to 4 people can live in such apartments.
  3. An apartment with 2 or more bedrooms. This apartment has a dining hall with a kitchen, a bathroom. The number of bedrooms varies as well as the number of balconies.
  4. A maisonette. This type of the apartment is located on 2 or more levels of a residential building which consists of several floors. The area may be from 80 to 250 m2. Such apartments in Bulgaria often have panoramic windows, spacious balconies and verandas.  In some apartments there are roof windows and sloped ceilings.
Types of the apartments in Bulgaria

Types of the apartments in Bulgaria

The most popular apartments in Bulgaria are those with one bedroom and studios. One bedroom apartments perfectly suit small families, allow to save money during the buying process and reduce further costs.

The studios allow to save space – there are no walls between the kitchens and the halls. This makes the process of cooking and serving food to be comfortable and easy.  In the studios there are often big windows. They provide efficient lighting of the whole apartment and allow to reduce utility bills for electricity, if the studio has a southern or a western location.

The studios in Bulgaria become more and more popular. They are considered to be an excellent option for the vacation in the resort areas. At the same time they are much cheaper than other types of apartments.

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