Questions and answers about real estate in Bulgaria

Frequently asked questions and answers about buying property in Bulgaria. How much is property in Bulgaria, what is Act 16, how to buy land in Bulgaria, etc.

How to buy property in Bulgaria

Buying property in BulgariaMore and more foreigners buy property in Bulgaria. Citizens of Russia, England, Germany, Norway, Israel choose this country for vacations and permanent life. It is not necessarily a sign of prosperity. It is a well thought out choice.

Bulgaria is a country where one can buy an apartment or a house at more profitable terms than at the mother country. The buying procedure is simple, the further maintenance of the property does not cost much.

Still, before to buy property in Bulgaria, one needs to take into account some nuances. This will help pass the deal smoothly and without any issues.

Property in Bulgaria is the right choice. Find out why.

Property in BulgariaWithin last twenty years Bulgaria became one of the most popular countries where citizens of different countries invest buying property. It is popular among the tourists. The choice is based on following advantages of Bulgaria:

  • Good, very soft climate with a short winter and a comfortable summer;
  • Beautiful nature which combines high mountains sometimes very similar to the legendary Alps and a wonderful sea;
  • Rich history, authentic traditions, archaeological, historic, cultural memorials;
  • Low prices for the property in Bulgaria, services, goods and food.

Facts about Bulgaria and property in Bulgaria

Facts about property in BulgariaBefore buying property in Bulgaria, it is important to find out more about the country, way of life here as well as about the property and several habits of the local people.

About the property in Bulgaria

These facts will be especially useful for those who want to know as much as possible about Bulgaria, plans to buy real estate or a land here. It is nice to know demand for what kind of apartments exist, how many people live in the cities and how many – in the villages, how well agriculture, industry and business are developed. These facts will help make some conclusions.

How to get temporary residence permit

ВНЖ в БолгарииA residence permit in Bulgaria is a document which allows to stay in Bulgaria for a long time. During first 5 years of living in this country one may get only a temporary residence permit valid for 1 year. After that a residence permit is issued for 5 years. Eventually having received a permanent permit, one can live and work in Bulgaria. There is no need to prolong a right to stay here on an annual basis.

How to get a Bulgarian visa. Documents for visiting Bulgaria

Как получить болгарскую визуEven owning the property in Bulgaria, you can’t come here without a visa. To form this document, you need to apply to the Embassy of Republic Bulgaria which is located in the majority of capitals of the other countries.  One can apply for a visa visa travel center or a special visa center. Also check maybe, you do not need a visa at all.

Is it risky to buy a mortgaged property in Bulgaria?

Mortgaged property in BulgariaIt is possible to buy a mortgaged property in Bulgaria. This is exactly what many people do per a very simple reason – the seller can provide a deep discount. One can pay for the mortgaged property in 2 ways: with cash or using a credit. To avoid any possible risks, the lawyer advises to visit the bank which keeps the mortgage with the seller, to check all the details and to sign the preliminary contract.