Privacy policy

Privacy policyOur site with the best real estate in Bulgaria from the developer respects the right of each visitor (user) to privacy! Therefore, the site always respects complete confidentiality when filling out, transmitting, receiving and storing all confidential data of visitors, potential buyers and tenants of apartments who completely voluntarily provide us with their personal information when filling out applications for viewing Bulgarian apartments and when sending electronic messages through the site , as well as with every discussion and commenting on the site of pages with information about the real estate objects of the builder in Bulgaria.

Filling out an application for viewing apartments on the site, sending a letter through the site, discussing, writing a review or comment by the user on the site of the Bulgarian developer automatically means his full consent to receive, process, store the site and the developer himself of his personal data .

Personal data means any information received from a visitor that may be attributed to the subject of personal data, for example, such personal information may be: gender, date of birth, last name, first name and patronymic, address of residence, contact information (phone number, email, ICQ, Skype, etc.), financial, property, family information and any other personal data of the visitor, which the Federal Law “On Personal Data” protects and equates with the personal data of a person.

The personal data of visitors (users, customers) are processed only for the purpose of providing our site with Bulgarian real estate and a Bulgarian developer requested by users of services for showing / selling / renting apartments and penthouses from a developer in Bulgaria, in the city of Burgas, in the Sarafovo quarter and apartments near Veliko -Tarnovo, in the village of Voneshta Voda, as well as information services about these objects.

In addition, each visitor at any time can withdraw consent to the processing of his personal data by our resource and the developer. To withdraw consent to the processing of personal information, the visitor must send us an email through the feedback form on the contact page or through any mail service. As soon as we receive a letter from the user with the withdrawal of his consent, we will erase all his personal information stored with us in the shortest possible time. This usually occurs within 1-3 days.

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