Townhouses in Bulgaria, Burgas, Sarafovo, by the sea, with a yard and repair

Prestigious houses in Sarafovo! Luxuries and spacious townhouses in Bulgaria at a good price. Situated in the Burgas best district – Sarafovo close to the sea and to the beach! The property is from the developer.

Дома (таунхаусы) в Сарафово, г. Бургас, Болгария у моря, с двором

For sale: prestigious townhouses in a new elite complex Sarafovo Park by the sea, with a yard.  Repair is free!

Sarafovo Park is an elite complex consisting of houses (townhouses) class De Lux! Prestigious townhouses (houses) in the complex Park Sarafovo are located in a Burgas district – Sarafovo just 250 m away from the sea  and from the beach. The houses are situated in a district with well developed infrastructure. There are shops, restaurants, cafes, drugstores, a bank, a medical center, a school, a kindergarten and a city bus stop.

Complex Sarafovo Park is a closed settlement which includes eight townhouses with an area 178,45 m2 each and yard with the area from 160 m2  to 253 m2. There are special entrances for the people and for the cars in the complex. Every Bulgarian house has a car parking. Also there is a common parking for the guests. There is also security and video observation.

Prices for the townhouses in Sarafovo:

Property Sales price
Townhouse from € 205 340 with a partial repair

The price of the house is calculated based on € 900 per 1 м2 of the townhouse and € 190 per 1 m2 of the yard. Hurry up to buy the townhouse in Bulgaria by the sea in Sarafovo, Burgas at a good price!

A special offer! The houses are sold with a present – a partial internal repair! The repair works include services and materials: installation of electrical cables and internal sewage water pipes, installation of internal windows and doors frames, insulation, hydroprotection, Furnishing of the townhouses in Bulgaria is possible at an additional cost.

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Townhouse in Bulgaria can be bought from the developer using payment terms.

Complex Sarafovo Park

The complex consisting of townhouses was named Park Sarafovo thanks to the excellent location, green surroundings and yards by each house which allow to have a pleasant time and organize family events right by the house.

The total area of one townhouse is 178 m2, this is the half of the house in Sarafovo. Each house in the living complex Park Sarafovo will have modern solar panels which can considerably save money on electricity. Each house has a place for a satellite antenna – the cables will be installed by the developer. All the townhouses will be equipped with air conditioners.

The two store house-townhouse in Park Sarafovo has a big hall, a kitchen and a bathroom on the first floor. There is also a terrace as big as 23 m2.  On the second floor there is a big bedroom as big as 24 м2 with a bathroom. There are also two smaller bedrooms, each of them is 15 m2 and bathroom.

The complex is green and nice, provides comfort and an excellent place to live. The annual maintenance fee is only 5 Euro  per m2. The money is used for keeping the surrounding territory clean and accurate.

The pictures of the complex and the houses now

Design of the complex and the townhouses in Sarafovo

To enlarge any of the pictures, just click it with the mouse.


  • Construction and the roof Tondach – as per the architectural plan.
  • The entrance doors – Наружные двери – solid wood.
  • The internal doors – MDF.
  • Delivery and installation of the outside door frames and windows  – PVC KMG 6 cameras, color – anthracite, 32 mm white-green glass, Sigenia seals. Everything is mounted and regulated on site.
  • Water pipes installation – as per the project – hidden with a cold water meter. Horizontal branches from each vertical pipe – per the approved working project. The work of the system for each bathroom is tested. The isolation is as per the project.
  • Installation of the internal sewage water system – a hidden vertical and horizontal with siphons for sewage waters i implemented per the approved working project.
  • Installation of the electrical cables – built-in cables and contacts, electrical panels are equipped. Electrical system fully corresponds to the project.
  • Installation of the sound signal area and the signal – all the necessary equipment is installed.
  • Installation of the telephones – a handset with a connection for two exits is implemented as per the project.
  • Preparation for installation of the satellite TV.
  • Cement putty on the floor.
  • Putty of the inside walls and ceilings.
  • Ventilation wholes and pipes – as per the project.
  • Gutters and drains connected to the sewers are completed as per the project.
  • The balconies and windows rails and fencing are installed and painted.
  • Insulation 5 sm EPS and hydroisolation.
  • A facade – stone cladding – as per the project.
  • Vertical planning and a clean construction site – a per the project (Tree Вертикальная планировка и очищенная строительная площадка с окружающим пространством – по проекту (hedges between the houses, grass, a concrete, lightning).
  • Entrance to the house with drainage system is completed as per the project.
  • All the construction and installation works are implemented per the approved technical project of the high-quality materials.

The houses in Bulgaria are already built! Right now you can buy them with a partial internal repair!

The houses in the new living complex in the Burgas district, Sarafovo, are being sold by the developer at a good price, that is why you can buy townhouses in Bulgaria without any overpayments to the intermediaries! One can save about 10-20% of the price.

Availability of the houses, the area and the prices:

House  № Area of the house, m2 Price per m2 Yard, m2 Total area Price per m2 Total price
1 178.45 900 253 119.3042499 190 € 231 343
2 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
3 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
4 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
5 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
6 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
7 178.45 900 228 107.5152924 190 € 224 353
8 178.45 900 160 75.449328 190 € 205 340
9 178.45 900 222 104.6859426 190 € 222 675
10 178.45 900 222 104.6859426 190 € 222 675
11 178.45 900 160 75.449328 190 € 205 340
12 178.45 900 220 103.742826 190 € 222 116
13 178.45 900 235 110.8162005 190 € 226 310
14 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
15 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
16 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
17 178.45 900 249 117.4180167 190 € 230 224
18 178.45 900 243 114.5886669 190 € 228 547

Attention! Now the developer offers special terms –  partial repair of the house is a present!

Check developer’s representative for the availability and the price of  the houses. The contact information is available on the site.

Schemes of the complex and the townhouses

Location of the townhouses

Location of the townhouses

This living house consisting of townhouses was built by a Bulgarian company S P V SARAFOVO, L.T.D. The address of the representative office is 35, Cherno more str. Sarafovo, Burgas. Tel.: +359 89 300 17 21. Roman Mikhailov. Working time: Monday-Friday from 11:00 to 17:00, Saturday-Sunday – days off.

Location on the map

Purchase of the townhouse in Sarafovo is the best investment!

Everyone knows Bulgarian spas Sunny beach, Golden sands and Albena.  But just a few are aware about the places which are very attractive for a summer vacation and a permanent life. One аof the best places for a year-round life and a summer vacation on the sea is Sarafovo. It has a good location on the sea shore, has a good infrastructure. The district is located by the sea just 7 km away from Burgas. There are shops, restaurants and entertainments. It is a part of the big town, but still – it is quite and calm here. There are tourists, but no night discos, noisy companies and extremely high prices prepared specially for the guests of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is on the third place in the world by the number of UNESCO heritage objects. There are things to look at. And Sarafovo has a very good location. It is very close to the wonderful beach and close to the airports. It is convenient to travel from here to any spa, historical, archaeological or a cultural place. There is a Thracian tomb, ancient Nesebar and Sozopol, Ravadinovo castle where one can easily get. There are Bulgarian villages where one can get bright impressions about the national features. Read more information about Sarafovo here.

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