House in Sarafovo near the sea

Think of how great it is to live in your own house in Sarafovo near the sea! Your own garden, swimming pool, sea views and just some steps to the beach.

House in Sarafovo

Fashion for houses

Sarafovo is an elite district of Burgas. It is located 10 km away from the downtown and spread along the beautiful sandy beach. The district used to be a usual village but several years ago it was joined to Burgas. Since that time, many people have moved to Sarafovo and a lot of new living buildings with apartments were built to satisfy the growing demand. The residential buildings replaced small houses and cottages, and there are not many such private corners left in Sarafovo right now.

But people do love their own houses. They want to live in tiny or large cottages with some land where they can have their own garden, have their own swimming pool or a safe playground for kids. Maybe 30% of the people who look for property in Sarafovo for permanent living search for houses.

House in Sarafovo

There is not a big choice of houses in Sarafovo offered for sale and having. Do not expect that your idea of getting your own cottage will be realized immediately.  One of the reasons – developers are keen to buy land with old property and to build a big living building with many apartments.

Houses in Sarafovo

The choice includes:

  • New cottages from developers. Some of them are located near the sea.  Others are on some distance from the beach. They are sold with and without internal finishing repair. The price of cottages near the sea is Euro 800-1,050/ sq. m and includes living area and an area of the land around.
  • Modern cottages on resale market. Most are sold ready for living and with furniture. Prices vary from Euro 500 to 1,100/ sq. m including land.
  • Villas in living complexes between Sarafovo and Pomorie. Victoria Hills complex, Majestic village offer property for Euro 1,000/ sq. m.
  • Townhouses. They are usually less expensive. The choice of townhouses is bigger. Developers build them in living complexes, as independent construction projects. Townhouses in Sarafovo cost from 500 to 1,300 Euro/ sq. m. The more luxurious property with modern furniture and repair cost most expensive.

Irrespective to high prices, houses and townhouses are purchased very quickly. 

Advantages of buying houses in Sarafovo

Buying a house in Sarafovo has many benefits.

Possible interior in the house in Sarafovo

Such property will allow you to have a free and independent life near the sea. Imagine you come after a hard working day at your own house, relax in a spacious living room and enjoy a nice quite evening watching the sea or talking to your relatives and friends. Over the weekend you can prepare bbq, have a family dinner.

Each house or a townhouse offered for sale has a yard. You can have a playground, swimming pool or a bbq and a small summer house there. There is a space for flower beds and a garden.

In Sarafovo there is a school and a kindergarten. Children and adults can play football, tennis, dance, visit crafts’ classes. Shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centers and restaurants help satisfy all the needs.

Burgas is only 7 km far away. One can get there by car, regular bus, bicycle or just walking.

Buy a house in Sarafovo for a happy and comfortable life!

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