Studio apartments in Sarafovo

There is sea property in Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Ravda, Obzor, Sozopol. But, having visited all these towns and resorts, people often come to Sarafovo and buy studio apartments in this famous district of Burgas. There are many reasons why they do it so.

Studio apartment in Sarafovo

Why to buy studio apartment in Sarafovo

Sarafovo is a nice, peaceful district of the fourth biggest city in Bulgaria, Burgas. There are over 6,000 residents, and as years go by, the number of residents increase. New construction projects allow people to move here to enjoy nice life on a seashore and at the same time use all the benefits of living in a city.

In Sarafovo there are many shops, drugstores, medical centers, play and sports grounds. A school and a kindergarten are open for smaller citizens. Different restaurants, cafes, bars let permanent residents and vacationers have a good time enjoying rest, food with friends and families.

Studio apartments in Sarafovo are not expensive. It is a good opportunity for students, young families, pensioners to begin living near the sea. Regular bus service connects the district with the Burgas downtown and allows to go to school, work.

Studios are a good investment. In summer they are popular among tourists and vacationers. Sarafovo is close to the Burgas international airport, so it is a very comfortable place where people can come right from the plane. 

What studio apartment to buy

Yet several years ago it was difficult to buy a studio apartment in Sarafovo. Developers mainly built one-, two-bedroom apartments. However, many young families, pensioners, investors searched for studios. So, now you can choose property at your taste.

Diamond Beach in Sarafovo

There are studios in regular living buildings. Small, tiny apartments are available for 1-2 persons. There are also large studios with area up to 60 sq. m. Some people make one-bedroom apartments out of them or just enjoy space and freedom. The good thing about such options is absence of a maintenance fee.

There are studio apartments in living complexes with swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants. They are excellent for vacations and permanent living. Many of living complexes are located near the sea and offer wonderful views at the Burgas bay. The annual maintenance fee varies from 7 to 12 Euro/ sq. m.

Prices of studio apartments in Sarafovo

The average price of an apartment in Sarafovo is Euro 800-850/ sq. m. Usually this is how much cost studios in usual living buildings. The price includes costs of renovation, sometimes – furniture.

Property in living complexes costs less. You can find options at a price of 460-650 Euro/ sq. m.

Studio apartments in Sarafovo is an excellent choice for those people who love the sea and inbvestors.


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