Property in Sarafovo

Sarafovo is one of the most beautiful districts of Burgas city. It is located 10 km away from the downtown along a wonderful seashore. More and more buy property in Sarafovo and move here for permanent living.

Buy property in Sarafovo

Why to buy apartment in Sarafovo?

There are not so many places in the world where you can buy a house or an apartment near the sea left. Sarafovo is one of them. The district of Burgas used to be a small village, but as time went by, it became one of the most wanted place for living in Bulgaria.

Sarafovo is located 10 km away from the downtown Burgas. To get there, you can take a car or a regular bus. There is also a possibility to get to the city by bike or walking. A wonderful promenade connects the district with the city and a huge Sea Garden.

The international airport is only 1 km away. Thanks to this proximity, you can fly to Burgas an in several minutes be home.

In Sarafovo there are many restaurants, cafes, shops, drugstores, medical centers. A school, kindergarten, various arts, dance clubs make it suitable for year-round living.

What property in Sarafovo to buy?

This district develops very fast. Each year new living buildings get constructed. There are spacious studio apartments, flats with one, two bedrooms. Many of them unveil amazing views to the sea.

Perfect apartments are located on the first sea line. It will take less than a minute to get to a large sandy beach where you can have fun in any season.

The latest tendency is townhouses or houses near the sea. They are designed for families, have yards, parking. This is a great alternative to a tine apartment in some industrial cities. There is a place to have a garden, swimming pool, barbeque area.

Property in Sarafovo is a great investment. There are apartments in living complexes with swimming pools, fitness centers. Low maintenance fees, year-round services allow to offer apartments for rental in summer as well as in winter.

Prices  for real estate in Sarafovo

You can buy an apartment or a house in Sarafovo cheap.In some cases one square meter of the property near the beach costs only 650 Euro. In some other cases luxurious furnished apartments cost up to 1000 Euro/ sq. m.

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