One-bedroom apartments in Sarafovo – why to buy

One-bedroom apartments in Sarafovo is a good option for those who would like to buy property near the sea and still want to live in a well-developed place all around the year. Sarafovo is one of the districts of Burgas. It is located on a seashore 10 km away from the downtown.

Living room in a new one bedroom apartment

One-bedroom apartments are probably the most popular type of property in Sarafovo. They are suitable for permanent living and summer vacations. It is a good option for families, pensioners, lonely people. 

How to choose a one-bedroom apartment in Sarafovo 

From year to year, developers build living buildings in Sarafovo. They often sell one-bedroom apartments yet before construction is complete. Property is being sold without finishing works, on turnkey terms, with furniture. The specific terms depend on the developer and the project. In most cases, however, the developer offers flats without repair but offer to complete them at an additional cost.

The main advantage of buying property near the sea from the developers is payment terms. Usually buyers have a possibility to pay the apartment price before the living building is complete and. Depending on the stage of construction, it is 3-18 months. 

Another advantage is the price. A flat on the initial stage of construction often costs about 5-10% less. We sell one-bedroom apartments from developers at their price and do not increase it with any commissions or charges.

The biggest disadvantage of buying property from developers is a risk that the developer will not get Act 16 – a document confirming that the living building can be operated. It happens very seldom, but this risk exists.

Apart from developers, you can consider property in Sarafovo from owners on a resale market. There are options without repair, turnkey, with furniture and housing appliances. 

This variant has several advantages:

  • In most of the cases you buy property ready for living.
  • Owners are more flexible in price issues and can give a good discount.

Sea property

In Bulgaria there are many one-bedroom apartments offers. Flats are available in usual city buildings as well as in living complexes.

What is different:

  • There is no maintenance fee in city buildings, or it is minimal and covers only cleaning, security, elevator maintenance.
  • The service charge in the majority of living complexes in Sarafovo varies from 7 to 12 Euro. It includes maintenance of a closed territory, internal common parts, swimming pools, playgrounds, 24-hour security, SPA-centers. 
  • Both options are good for permanent living and seasonal vacation. However, people moving to Sarafovo, Burgas prefer buying property in usual buildings. Investors and people coming only for summer vacations, prefer living complexes.

Prices for one-bedroom apartments in Sarafovo

Like in any other district or a city, property prices in Sarafovo are different.

Apartments being sold without repair in living complexes may cost 480 Euro/ sq. m. Prices for options in regular living buildings with modern and luxury furniture start from 700 Eruo/ sq. m. It is not rare to find a flat at 1,000-1,100 Euro/ sq. m.

We are happy to offer you any options. Working closely with developers and sellers, we do anything possible to get deep discounts for our buyers.

Why to choose Sarafovo

Sarafovo is a prestigious district of Burgas – the fourth biggest city in Bulgaria, It is located on a Black sea coast near a long beautiful beach. 

Sea property in Sarafovo

The district is connected with Burgas downtown by a wonderful road, a promenade. One can get from one place to another buy car, bus, bicycle, walk.

One of the advantages of Sarafovo is proximity to the Burgas international airport. The distance is less than 1 km. However, people living here do not hear the noise of landing and departing planes. 

Sarafovo is a great place for permanent living and summer vacations:

  • The sea is near.
  • A well-developed infrastructure includes shops, restaurants, medical centers, a school, kindergarten.
  • A good road and regular bus service connects Sarafovo to Burgas and famous Black sea resorts – Pomorye, Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Svety Vlas.

Sarafovo quickly develops and offers more and more advantages for comfortable and secure living. One-bedroom apartments is one of the best choices for families and pensioners.

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